Brest 1996

Being the best thing that Plymouth has to offer we were sent to Brest to add a little sunshine to a wonderful festival of the sea. We arrived and were sent to a military barracks because we were so famous we needed to be protected from our fans. The weather was not exactly wonderful but for some reason the people of Brest were out in their masses, a million to be precise. The main attraction seemed to be the boats but we soon turned heads and the crowds gathered quickly. We soon sold out of tapes and the orders were still rolling in. The people made us feel very welcome and the complimentary food went down well. We did have a chance to visit the beach and of course we made time to go shopping. The tour would not have been so much fun with out the company of bus driver BOB. He is the sweetest and loveliest old man you could ever want to meet. All in all the trip was a complete success!!

Written by Sandra Stevens, past Real Steel Tenor Bass player.

The first evening of the festival, playing on the dockside.

A large crowd watched as we played next to the harbour.