Edinbugh 2000

This summer we found ourselves in Edinburgh for a week. Although our visit coincided with the Edinburgh festivals our purpose was to spend as much time getting away from the stress of home and practising for the next week's Notting Hill Carnival. Staying in University accommodation the players had to fend for themselves, surviving in a Big Brother style on a budget in the company of the younger band, Next Generation. This was Real Steel's first proper trip with Next Generation and the older players relished the chance to 'mother' their charges! Space in various community hall was begged and borrowed to hold the long and arduous practises in. The one public performance took place in the City Centre just off of Prince's Street, our busking spot was in a hotly contested area in front of the Gallery which we shared with with various South American groups. We were well received and attracted large audiences. On the journey back to Plymouth Real Steel stopped off in Nottingham where we played on a float and led their city carnival.

Playing in Edinburgh

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