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jane , 02 October 2000
Save the Children , London

Nice one Geoff - congrats to everyone on the 2nd deserved 1st next year! J.
larry skurnik , 28 September 2000
optimist All Stars , Denver , Colorado , USA

How can I find music for a small group of wayward girls who are at the Excelsior Youth Center in Colorado. The pans are great instruments for therapy (they give a higher high than drugs) and I would like to teach them the following but I cannot find simple (any)arrangements for ungifted amateurs. HELP. HELP. HELP.1. No woman no cry --Bob Marley2. Guantanamera - (traditional)3. Oye como Va - Santana4. La Bamba - Richie valence Los Lobos Any help you can give will be sincerely appreciated. You have my email and home addressor fax me at (USA) 303 850 5402. I expect to be in England in December if that is the best way to obtain the music. Thanks.
Dan , 07 September 2000
Sounds of Steel

Hi to everyone in Real-Steel i had a great time at carnival playing with you congratulations on the excellent result!!!!!!! See you all soon. Byeeeeeeeeee
Jennifer Gotch , 02 September 2000
Plymouth , Devon

Evening all. Just thought I would drop in and send my regards and if anyone sees Dave before I do then tell him he better e mail me or I shall wear his spleen for a wedding ring. Love you all. Jen ( Past member )
Jeff and Christine Benson , 13 August 2000
Real Steel , Kingsbridge , Devon , England

Was at the Kingsbridge concert and purchased Bounce cd love the sound and music first saw real steel at Mortenhamstead carnival some years ago and have known the Franklin family since 1978.
Garrett Mudrick , 17 July 2000
Ambridge High School Steel Dru , Baden , Pennsylvania , United States

Hi my name is Garrett and I have been involved with my high school steel drum ensemble since I was a freshman four years ago. We have traveled all across the United States to New York, San Francisco, Orlando, Miami and many more places. I think you band is quite talented. It is interesting to see what other young ensembles are doing.Great Job!! p.s. I love the version of Dancing Queen :-)
gavin Creep , 12 July 2000
The Creeps , Creepy , Alabama , USofA

I find steel bands a bit creepy you big bitches....big up. Keep on creepin' on
carly , 23 June 2000
can't say , Plymouth , Devon , England

I thing Real Steel are a really good band and will be a good influence on other steel bands.
Dave Lom , 17 June 2000
Rochester , NY , US

how do i acquire the 'in the mood' cut shown on your website?Thanks Dave
caz , 15 June 2000
Real Steel , Plymouth , United Kingdom

Just wanted to say congrats to Dave Perret (if he ever reads this) for his recent winning of the award......well done 'P' !!!!!!
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