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Guest Book

RICHARD AS THOMAS , 27 September 1999
Ebony , London , UK

Like jour webssite. nice to see you are all doing well Richard Ebony
Mandy , 21 August 1999
Stoke on Trent

Your web page is good. It shows the real image of the meening of Notting Hill Carnival and the fact that more than one race creed and relaigion go to join in the fun of the Carnival. I enjoyed my time on here =) Please email me details of Notting Hill Carnival 99. Thanks Mandy
RIA , 17 August 1999

I Love it so does Jordan!
Wel , 12 August 1999
, UK

Nice website! Cool music!
Rachael Duchnowski , 29 July 1999
Plymouth , England

Geoff you spelt my name wrong!
Rachael Duchnowski , 29 July 1999

Anna & Helayna , 14 July 1999
You should know (plymouth)

Hi everybody!! How ya doin'.We are all lovely jubbly.We still think that this page is a work of art but it needs an update. You also need to dispose of some of the photos i.e ME (Anna). Thanks to anyone who writes in the guestbook. It's nice for us players to read all your comments. See you all soon at Notting Hill. Loadsa luv Anna & Helayna. BYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!
Sonia , 10 June 1999

Hello Gemma and Helanya, how are you ? Well I really enjoyed the website have a look at ours. What are you upto? I'm sat here with Geoff and we are just about to go and have some lunch even though it's 3.20pm.See ya soon!!!! Luv Sonia
syd , 02 June 1999

Stefan Larsen , 02 June 1999
, Denmark

A nice you got yourself. Take a look at our page and learn everything about out band
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