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Dave P , 07 September 1998

GREAT!! Hope I end up working with you. :-) Minor criticism which I'm sure you're already working on. You have a whole web site about sound this and sound that and super fab exciting sound etc. etc. ................. but you 'don't have no sound' !! Or did I just not find it? Anyway the site should be littered with sound clips. Cheers Dave
John , 27 August 1998

See you at the Carnival. Notting Hill of course. Will you be at Panorama?
tom , 26 August 1998

whats happend to link http://nottinghillcarnival.net.uk
Stuart Lansley , 25 August 1998

Great music. Hope to see you at Notting Hill Carnival. I used to play in a steel band and really miss it.
Michael Cooper , 24 August 1998
, Trinidad & Tobago

Great site. you are doing a great job in spreading this wonderful music and promoting the instrument.we wish you continued success Trinidad
Peter Maurer , 17 August 1998
, Switzerland

Hello i play in to the swiss national steel orchestra. look under www.snso.ch
Mike Freer , 13 August 1998

I am in a semi pro rock band and we have been offered some gigs in a hotel in Barbados at the end of this year. I would be grateful for any advice you may have about giging in Barbados. Specifically - The owner of the Hotel has told us that there are no music shops in Barbados where we can hire gear(amps, drums, pa, etc), is that correct? - I believe we will need a carnet for any gear we take out. Do you know where we obtain one of these ? - The difference in voltage is giving us a problem. We have been told that we will need a transformer that will cost c
judith Peck , 14 June 1998
Homerton College, Cambridge

Cool! I run a Steel Band in Cambridge called Pandemonium and we have just played a gig this afternoon! we are playing at a may ball each night this week and we all love Steel band music!!!!
Sounds of Steel , 17 May 1998

Sounds of Steel ( P.C.S.) in Portsmouth would just like to say keep on playing as we all admire your progress, but we would also like to say that we are catching you up. We also play Stir It Up, Carmen, and many others and are just learning The Hammer. Hello to Toussaint and Naomi as we had them down for a workshop the other week. Hope to meet you all in a head to head sometime, but until then keep on playing your hardest. All the Best SOUNDS OF STEEL.
Baggenstos Martin , 05 May 1998
, Switzerland

your site contents o lot of very interesting information Thanks
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