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Sonny Blacks , 01 June 2005
Commonwealth Arts , London , England

Keep up the good work.
Lauraloo , 14 March 2005
Next Gen

Yeyeyeyeyeyeyey!!!!! Panorama Panorama!!!wooooo!!!!heheyey!!!
joe , 14 March 2005
next generation , plymouth , devon , u.k

real steel is amazing! i cant wait to do panorama!!! its going to be hard but its all worth it in the end! im gona try my hardest for real steel and im sure everyone else will too!! panorama, here we come!!!
Jack , 07 March 2005

Does any1 know when the audio for panorama 2004 is gonna be put up?
Chikin Gal!!!! , 05 March 2005
Next Gen , Plymouth , England , Chikin land

dododo!!! Real Steel rock!!!!lol. You guys are a big insiperation to our steel band!!! You'll see me soon mwhahaha!!! from the little chikin gal!!!
Dionne Sealy (Quads) , 11 February 2005
Southside Harmonics , London

Nice to see a website bigging up steelband. Keep up the good work!
Magda Belaid , 05 January 2005
Calypsociation , Paris , Paris , France

Hello, I wish you a very good year 2005. I hope that all is okay in your Steel Band. Here, in Paris, all goes well. I wanted to announce you an error, you were mistaken on the name of the pictures, you confused me with Joceline...... Bye bye! Magda
Lauralo , 02 September 2004
'the new' Next Generation , Plymouth , Devon , UK

It wernt panorama we saw ya ahaha i dunno what it was soz i kinda forgets everything we ain't even been in that ahahahah. I'm such a muppet. soz.lol.
Lauraloo , 02 September 2004
'The new' Next Generation , Plymouth , Devon , England

helloooooooooooooooooo i luuuuuuuuuuv your music!!!!! I luuuv it when our steel band had that Panorama thing this year and we heard ya you are fab!! I'm in 'th new' Next Generation. We are taking over from Chris and that and now its our turn.lol.
Dan Storer , 29 August 2004

Yeha i guess it is.. :o)
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