Carnival 1998

Real Steel travelled up to London on Friday 28th. This year 12 players joined the London All Stars for panorama and 2 joined Ebony. Friday night and Saturday day-time were spent on last minute practise for the Panorama players whilst the others shopped and explored London.


Saturday evening was the Panorama and the London All Stars were first. The members of Real Steel who joined them were:

  • Anna Parsons

  • Caroline Ede

  • Gemma Burns

  • Helyna Goodson

  • Kelly Brown

  • Kelly Spence

  • Leanne Bailey

  • Leanne Elliot

  • Lyndsey

  • Michelle Moore

  • Naomi Gould

  • Ria Franklin

They played 'Symphony in the Street'
Julia Gardener and Karen Luxton joined Ebony who played 'High Mass'.
Ebony were placed first for the ninth consecutive year and the London All Stars were placed fifth.

On the Sunday Real Steel hit the carnival route at around 3:30pm securely fixed to an articulated lorry. They played:

  • Who let the dogs out?

  • High mass

  • Footsteps

  • Hear the way


They finished the route at around 9:30pm. The crowd following us towards the end was the largest we have ever attracted. So much so that Real Steel's leader was almost arrested due to the crowd following us into a residential area. This meant their performance was cut short as we couldn't afford the bail!

Notting Hill '98 photo album