Real Steel's Return To Notting Hill Carnival
This year, Real Steel took part in both Panorama and Notting Hill Carnival.

Arriving with a tune called "High On De Pan" arranged by Leroy Clarke. Real Steel performed in front of a large crowd giving them no choice but to dance around and to shout for more!

This year they were sponsored by the Royal Navy. They played with an extraordinary vibe in front of the four Panorama judges.

The Panorama results were as followed:
  1. Ebony Steel Band
  2. Stradust
  3. Southside Harmonics
  4. Metronomes
  5. Glissando
  6. Real Steel
  7. Mangrove Steel Band
  8. Croydon
  9. Pantasia
Although a few disappointments, what with the results and the rain, Panorama 2006 was a huge success and I'm sure everybody is looking foward to next year's competetion.

The next day "On the road" we played a song named "Footprints" kindly arranged for Real Steel by our captain, Sebastion Clarke.The crowds response couldn't have been any better as they smiled and danced along.

Real Steel also played, "Nookie" and "High On De Pan" during the carnival also leaving the audience with an upbeat vibe.It had been a few years since Real Steel performed "On the road", but they were warmly welcomed back as they gradually travelled the carnival route and finally back home.
Posted by Joe on Aug 30, 2006