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Real Steel :: Guest Book

Guest Book

Michelle More , 23 December 1998
Real Steel

Michelle made me do this at work on Dec 23rd 1998. She held a sock to my face and threatened to cheese me if I didn't send this in.
Andreas Elkjaer , 07 December 1998
, Denmark

I play the Double second in SPLASH Percussion Roskilde. -We're also working on a homepage! Your home page is great! Have you seen the Panyard home page? There are some really nice stuff there! E-mail me soon! Andreas
Simon Werner , 07 December 1998
, Denmark

Quincy , 03 December 1998
, Trinidad and Tobago living in Tennessee

checked out the website. very cool!! laters
helen allen , 31 October 1998

wonderful!!! You've done a bloomin marvelous job Geoff! Its a very cool web site !!!! Remember if you ever need any illustrations you know where to come!
Chantelle Burrowes , 10 October 1998

Nice page I am in Southside Harmonics steel Orchestra formally known as Lambeth Youth...... I didn't get to hear you play in Panorama this year luckly we came second behind Ebony... Well done to all the players that took part in Panorama and Nottinghill Carnival 1998..... :)
Chanel , 10 October 1998
a steel band in london

To improve this site you should add the rest of the results panorama 1998, as there were only 8 bands taking part this year...... EBONY CAME FIRST (HIGH MASS) SOUTHSIDE HARMONICS (formally lambeth youth came in sound place......(PANMESSIAH
Dan Sadler , 19 September 1998
Sounds Of Steel , Portsmouth

Hi ya guys, Ive only just written to you but i thought i would write again !!! We are now hot on your tails so all i can say is wath out !!!! nah only joking, our whole band has admiration for you lot and i hope we can come down your end and have a clash some time this year. We are now playing stir it up, High mas, Clear the way, Ras Mas, and lots more. We have just started on a very difficult classical piece which is a Fugue written by Bach and it is for the Festival of youth music next year. Hope to see you all soon!!! Say hi to Toussaint for me as i probably wont see him for a couple of weeks!! Sounds of Steel (Dan)
Dan , 19 September 1998
Sounds of steel , Portsmouth

hi ya, hows things goin down your end ??? its all ok down our end at the mo i hope the carnival went well for you !!! i hear that all of real steel and the all stars with a couple of other people different bands are all playing panorama together next year anyway ive got to go so see ya all around some time. See ya, Dan
Ruth Duchnowski , 13 September 1998

Thank you Geoff for doing a great job on the Real Steel home page. It`s great!
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