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Real Steel Member , 19 July 2006
Real Steel , Plymouth , Devon , England

hey All! hey jack i read you message, sorry for the late reply, but we are doing panorama this year. you shold be hearing from either julia or leroy pretty soon. hope your playing??? hehehe see you soon!!!
Joe , 10 May 2006
Real Steel

When is this site going to be updated?
Its been like this for ages now!
Simone , 03 May 2006

Wanna say Well Done and big up to all the SOUTHSIDE crew. I hope we stay strong and come back bigger and better this year.
Lets put Southside Harmonics back on the map!!!! Let them know, WE STILL HERE!!!!
Jack , 30 April 2006
Sounds Of steel , Portsmouth

Hey, u guys doing panorama this year?
Jo Pollard , 01 April 2006
ex real steel , bristol

Good to see the band still going strong. In a primary school I am teaching at in Bristol Roger (Tousaint's brother) teaches pan after school. I joined in this week, was good to play again. Hello to all the band members circa '95, hope you are all well.
chris burton , 12 March 2006

glad to hear the band is still going strong, i myself was part of the support team in barbados 95, glad to hear its all good
~*Laura*~ , 26 February 2006
Real Steel , Plymouth , Devon , England

When s dis site gettin updated?!?!?Its quite old.lol.Real steel woopwoop!!!!!hehe
Anthony , 14 December 2005

Hi am Antony from Trinidad,live in Barbados,and now in Canada.
When Real Steel was in Barbados I was there for 95 an 97,they wer great.
This is the first time am looking at this site which was given to me by karen Luxton,it is great,and I saw most of the players who was in Barbados,it is nice to see them again,keep it up guys you all are great.
san , 25 September 2005
southside harmonics , london , england , london

this was my first panorama and we came third. that was one of the best days i have i can't wait till next year.
Mattayow and Lauraloo , 22 September 2005
Real Steel , Plymouth , Devon , England

hewooooooooooooooo like 2 say hi 2 everyone 4rm real steel n peps dat went 2 panorama with us!!!hehe it rocked we sat n media bored.lol.y cant we b n da soundhouse?!?!?!?!?
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